Welcome Drink

Sit back, relax and feel ‘welcomed’ with a drink!


Walk into a hotel and what’s the first thing you are offered? A broad smile? Yes, of course. Plus, a signature sip that immediately lulls you into vacation mode and gives you an idea of what the hotel has in store. What if you could stir up a welcome drink as cool as these for your guest at home, or simply pamper yourself with one on a summer afternoon?


We believe that a good drink can change a guest’s mood into a vacation mood. A nice, tasty and wonderful drink makes them relaxed and fresh after a long travelling and heating day.


Welcome drinks can be a hard choice, as everyone’s preference will be different. Some like thick Smoothies while a few others will opt for lighter options like Mojitos and Cool Blue. When you have the task of keeping everybody happy, things can get a little out of hand.


We offer guests a traditional welcome drink on arrival. Jui Phool (jasmine) and Coconut are synonymous with our tradition, alongside being very aromatic and refreshing